Serenity NOTE 11

The Serenity NOTE 11 introduces learners to modern educational strategies and enable students more opportunities to practically apply problem solving skills. The Serenity NOTE 11 laptop will align to learner’s curriculum needs across different ages and grade levels and help teachers in creating a more immersive, collaborative educational environment.


  • Windows 10
  • RAM 4GB ROM 128GB
  • Battery 5500mAh 507 hours
  • Display 11.6” 1920*1080 IPS
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Used by:

  • Education: Students
  • Education: Teachers
  • Data Collection: Census
  • Data Collection: Food Distribution
  • Training: Large Scale training programs

Serenity Note 11

The NOTE 11 laptop with its 11.6-inch screen is made from the highest-grade durable plastics and can be adapted to include a rugged option.

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